Prof. (Dr.) Gajanan Egaonkar holds an LLM degree with a specialization in Criminal Law and Constitutional Law, and he has earned a PhD as well.

Prof. (Dr.) Gajanan Egaonkar holds an LLM degree with a specialization in Criminal Law and Constitutional Law, and he has earned a PhD as well. He started his career as an Assistant Professor at Shri. Nathmal Goenka Law College in Akola and eventually assumed the role of Principal. With over two decades of teaching experience, he also served as a legal advisor when needed. His passion for learning and applying new legal concepts is evident in his approach to education, as he prioritizes practical learning over mere academic knowledge. Dr. Egaonkar has been an active member of the Akola Bar Association.

Interview: Prof. (Dr.) Gajanan Egaonkar | Principal, Shri Nathmal Goenka Law College, Akola Maharashtra

We recently got a chance to interview Prof. (Dr.) Gajanan Egaonkar. Here’s the transcript of the Interview: Prof. (Dr.) Gajanan Egaonkar

Legal Bites: Why did you choose teaching over practising as an advocate?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: I have always wanted to become a teacher since my childhood. I have always observed my teachers and really admired their profession. When I was in class 7th I decided that I should contribute to this profession but with the passing of time, I gained my interest in law also so I just wanted the blend of both professions. As both are noble professions even after completing my LL.B. and LL.M. I chose to teach.

Legal Bites: Why did you choose Criminal Law for your master's degree?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: Actually, it's just a matter of interest. It's not like I never had an interest in civil law or other branches of law. When I entered law school I used to read lots of books from the library of my college. In my last year, I understood what my area of interest is and that's what I chose. Now I purposely teach subjects like tort, IPC, and evidence whenever I get time and if students request. So it's very important to find your way stick to it and give your best.

Legal Bites: What are your thoughts on the present state of the education system, with a particular focus on law schools?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: Frankly speaking I prefer more practical study rather than only reading books like a novel. Because the better you understand after doing and experiencing certain things that can't be done by merely reading about them.

Talking about the education system in recent times it's more about numbers and grades but I would say it's more about how better you learn and grow. In colleges, attendance must be a compulsory factor exempting those who are genuinely working to support their families and handle their own education costs. It would be really great if every student learns from the heart, understands from the brain and implements it all over the world.

Legal Bites: Which path would you recommend to students: pursuing a career as a practising lawyer or becoming a member of the judiciary? Where do you believe students are likely to encounter greater career opportunities?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: First of all it completely depends upon the interest of the students. Because if someone is interested in a particular thing he or she will definitely succeed.

As law students our journey never ends we have to keep learning throughout our lives.

But if you ask my opinion I would suggest just following your will and you will find the correct path on your own. There are many students who choose practising over judiciary because they think that it is very difficult to crack. But if you work hard in your first semester you'll definitely be able to pass this exam. It just takes your hard work, dedication and consistency.

Legal Bites: What are those qualities which every law student should possess for success?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: There are many qualities which make a student different from the crowd but the most important in the journey of law school is consistency. How considerate, consistent and determined you are will create your future. Hard work, dedication, passion and discipline are very important for not only a law student but also for every student out there.

Legal Bites: What is the importance of Internships for law students? When should the students start applying?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: Internships are very important from the perspective of becoming a successful lawyer. But it is also important that you should choose wisely and start at the correct time.

In my opinion, a student should apply for internships after 3rd semester because at this point he or she has some basic knowledge and a lot more to learn and understand which can be utilised for the internship.

Legal Bites: What is your perspective on the necessity of obtaining a PhD for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in education?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: In India, to become a professor of any college PhD is very important and most of the colleges prefer those who have completed a PhD. Still, it should be not just for completing another degree or adding a doctorate (Dr.) after your name you should be focused and passionate about whatever you are doing.

Legal Bites: What is your experience as a principal of this college? How is it different from being an assistant professor to the principal?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: The experience has very fantastic as I have joined as an assistant professor and now I'm the principal of this law school. The journey was full of ups and downs, ifs and buts, yes and no but still I enjoyed every moment. Today also I feel overwhelmed whenever my students come to me, give me sweets and tell their success stories. It feels like I've devoted all these years to working.

It is my victory to see my students becoming judges, successful lawyers, and professors. I'm really very satisfied and happy with my work and I'll keep trying to do more and more to add feathers which will help the students fly higher.

Legal Bites: To what extent do you believe platforms such as Legal Bites are beneficial for students and contribute to their learning and development?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: In recent times, online platforms are really very important for students to gain more and more knowledge. In my opinion platforms like Legal Bites will not only help them enhance their research skills and build educational knowledge but also provide many services which are very crucial for the students like opportunities, legal aid, law library, articles and most importantly, helping students in further preparation as the judiciary, UGC NET etc. I highly appreciate and admire the efforts of such platforms.

Legal Bites: Would you recommend platforms like Legal Bites to both law students and professionals, considering the valuable services they offer?

Dr. Gajanan Egaonkar: Indeed! I will definitely recommend Legal Bites to all law students and will give them advice that they should take as much as benefits from the same. Because in legal education keeping yourself updated with changing times and technology is very important.

Legal Bites: Thank you so much!

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